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Lifespan BNL1 Leverage Flat Bench

Combine your flat bench and press into one with our BNL1. Strengthen your upper body with our chest ..

RRP $799.00


Lifespan FT10 Cable Crossover Station

Lifespan FT10 Cable Crossover Station is your way to go for a your muscle building and toning workou..

RRP $1440.00


Lifespan PT150 Power Tower

Lifespan PT150 Power TowerPerform all your exercises from chin ups, leg raises and wide grips you'll..

RRP $799.00


Reebok Ab Board Exercise Bench

Durable and versatile, the Reebok Ab Board helps strengthen and tone your core with targeted body we..

RRP $279.00


Reebok Flat Bench

Solid in construction with a steel frame and wide back-pad, the Reebok Flat Bench can be used for a ..


Lifespan BN-6 Chin Up Attachment

A chin-up attachment to fit BN-6 Standalone Bench. Get your bench workouts more intense with the&nbs..


Lifespan SM-10 Cable & Smith Machine

Push harder to the your limits and train safer with our multi-functional SM-10 Cable & Smith Mac..

RRP $999.00


Lifespan CORTEX SR3 Squat Rack

Push your limits with the SR-3 Squat Rack. Quality materials and construction, as well as an overall..

RRP $299.00


Lifespan SR1 Squat Rack

If you're after a versatile, affordable and strong barbell stand/rack, our SR-1 Squat Rack Stand i..

RRP $259.00


Lifespan BN-6 Dip Attachment

Create a varied and more intense workout routine by adding the Lifespan Fitness BN-6 Dip Attachment ..


Lifespan CORTEX AB10 Sit Up Bench

Designed for a killer workout1. Adjustable Height2. Sit-up Assist Handle3. Curved Padding4. Push up ..

RRP $170.00


Lifespan FT40 Pin Loaded Cable Crossover Station

Over 75+ exercisesAll your upper body needs, from isolated to endurance exercises, the FT10 is ideal..

RRP $2,599.00


Lifespan GS10 Multi-functional Smith and Cable Machine

Everything you could possibly need to power through an intense full body workout; The Cortex GS10 Mu..

RRP $1999.00


Lifespan GSL1 Leverage Multi Station

Lifespan GSL1 Leverage Multi Station Features:- Versatile Leverage Multi-Press System- Adjustab..

RRP $1,599.00