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Lifespan BN-6 Chin Up Attachment

A chin-up attachment to fit BN-6 Standalone Bench. Get your bench workouts more intense with the&nbs..


Lifespan BN-6 Dip Attachment

Create a varied and more intense workout routine by adding the Lifespan Fitness BN-6 Dip Attachment ..


Lifespan Commercial Power Sled with Harness

Sled your way to fitness! Lifespan Commercial Power Sled is your pull and push exercise buddy t..

RRP $349.00


Lifespan CORTEX AB10 Sit Up Bench

Designed for a killer workout1. Adjustable Height2. Sit-up Assist Handle3. Curved Padding4. Push up ..

RRP $170.00


Lifespan CORTEX BN-2 Adjustable Bench

Huge Exercise VarietyOur BN-2 5-in-1 Adjustable FID Bench provides excellent versatility to hit a ..

RRP $179.00


Lifespan FT10 Cable Crossover Station

Lifespan FT10 Cable Crossover Station is your way to go for a your muscle building and toning workou..

RRP $1440.00


Lifespan FT40 Pin Loaded Cable Crossover Station

Over 75+ exercisesAll your upper body needs, from isolated to endurance exercises, the FT10 is ideal..

RRP $2,599.00


Lifespan GS6 Multistation

The Cortex GS6 Multi Station is everything you need to access more than 38 exercises for a solid ful..

RRP $1099.00


Lifespan GS6 Pro Gym Package

Find everything you need to feel the burn in your home gym with the Cortex GS6 Pro Gym Package. The ..

RRP $1398.00


Lifespan GS6 Ultimate Gym Package

Find everything you need to feel the burn in your home gym with the Cortex GS6 Ultimate Gym Package...

RRP $1453.00


Lifespan PR-2 Half Rack

The All New Lifespan Fitness PR-2 Half Rack is built for barbell squats, bench press and is compatib..

RRP $499.00


Lifespan PR-3 Power Rack

Make your home gym complete with the ultimate versatility of the Cortex PR-3 full Power Rack. Constr..

RRP $599.00


Lifespan PR-3 Power Rack Multi-Grip Chin Up Bar

Multi-Grip Pull-Up BarCustomise your pull ups with the additional Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar for the PR3..

RRP $79.00


Lifespan PTX-100 Power Tower Gym Station

Designed as a compact body weight station, the 4-way PTX-100 power tower gives you access to huge bo..

RRP $399.00


Lifespan Quantum 2 Inversion Table

Your fitness inversion table now made even better! Lifespan Quantum 2 Inversion Table with heav..

RRP $329.00