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Lifespan Cortex BNL1 Leverage Flat Bench

Combine your flat bench and press into one with our BNL1. Strengthen your upper body with our chest ..

RRP $799.00


Lifespan Cortex PT150 Power Tower

Perform all your exercises from chin ups, leg raises and wide grips you'll constantly be improving..

RRP $799.00


Reebok Ab Board Exercise Bench

Durable and versatile, the Reebok Ab Board helps strengthen and tone your core with targeted body we..

RRP $279.00


Reebok Flat Bench

Solid in construction with a steel frame and wide back-pad, the Reebok Flat Bench can be used for a ..


Lifespan Cortex Chin Up Attachment for BN-6

Transform your bench into the ultimate compact home gym station. Add chin-ups, the king of back exer..


Lifespan Cortex FT10 Cable Crossover Station

All your upper body needs, from isolated to endurance exercises, the FT10 is ideal for all types of ..

RRP $1440.00


Lifespan Cortex ALPHA Series ARK05 Commercial Half Power Rack

The ALPHA Series ARK05 Commercial Half Power Rack has been engineered for the toughest workouts in y..


Lifespan Cortex ALPHA Series ARK06 Commercial Full Power Rack

The ultimate commercial full rack - ALPHA Series ARK06 Commercial Full Power Rack with Storage. A su..


Lifespan CORTEX ALPHA Series Jammer Arm Pair (suits ARK05 and ARK06 racks)

Take your training to the next level with our Jammer Arms Pair Attachment. Heavy duty and easy to at..


Lifespan Cortex LP1 Vertical Leg Press

The coveted leg press can be a huge part of your leg day routine. The Cortex LP1 vertical leg press ..

RRP $549.00


Lifespan Cortex SR-1 Squat Rack

Support big lifts in your home gym with the Cortex SR1 Squat Rack. Barbell J hooks, with a 180kg m..

RRP $259.00


Lifespan Cortex Dip Attachment for BN-6

Blast your upper body muscles with the Cortex Dip Attachment for the BN6 Adjustable Bench. The Dip i..


Lifespan Cortex FT40 Pin Loaded Cable Crossover Station

Provide yourself with a challenging functional training workout for your home gym. The Lifespan Fitn..

RRP $2,599.00


Lifespan Cortex GS10 Multi-functional Smith and Cable Machine

Everything you could possibly need to power through an intense full body workout; The Cortex GS10 Mu..

RRP $1999.00