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Lifespan PT150 Power Tower

Lifespan PT150 Power TowerPerform all your exercises from chin ups, leg raises and wide grips you'll..

RRP $799.00


Lifespan GS6 Multistation

The Cortex GS6 Multi Station is everything you need to access more than 38 exercises for a solid ful..

RRP $1099.00


Lifespan GS6 Pro Gym Package

Find everything you need to feel the burn in your home gym with the Cortex GS6 Pro Gym Package. The ..

RRP $1398.00


Everfit Gravity Inversion Table Foldable Stretcher Inverter Home Gym Fitness

If you often suffer from back pain after a day of work, our Everfit Inversion Table may be the solut..


Lifespan GS10 Multi-functional Smith and Cable Machine

Everything you could possibly need to power through an intense full body workout; The Cortex GS10 Mu..

RRP $1999.00


Lifespan PTX-100 Power Tower Gym Station

Designed as a compact body weight station, the 4-way PTX-100 power tower gives you access to huge bo..

RRP $399.00


Lifespan SS2 Single Station

Compact, single gym station; Dural powder coating finish; Deluxe Padding and stitching, with a carbo..

RRP $849.00


Lifespan PT1 Power Tower Gym Station

Sturdy 4-Way Power TowerA huge range of exercises with just a single unit.1.Chin Up Bar2.Vertical Kn..

RRP $299.00


Lifespan GSL1 Leverage Multi Station

Lifespan GSL1 Leverage Multi Station Features:- Versatile Leverage Multi-Press System- Adjustab..

RRP $1,599.00


Lifespan SM-10 Cable & Smith Machine Pre-Order

Lifespan SM-10 Cable & Smith Machine

Push harder to the your limits and train safer with our multi-functional SM-10 Cable & Smith Mac..

Ships in 8 weeks
RRP $999.00


ALPHA Series ARK02 Base Rack Pre-Order

ALPHA Series ARK02 Base Rack

Perform multiple exercises on our ALPHA Series Base Rack. For the beginner or professional powerli..

RRP $1299.00


Lifespan LP1 Vertical Leg Press Pre-Order

Lifespan LP1 Vertical Leg Press

Features: • Durable steel Leg Press machine with padded backrest and seat • 5 Adjustable ..

Ships in 10 weeks
RRP $549.00


Lifespan PR-3 Power Rack Pre-Order

Lifespan PR-3 Power Rack

Make your home gym complete with the ultimate versatility of the Cortex PR-3 full Power Rack. Constr..

RRP $599.00


Lifespan SR-2 Squat Rack Pre-Order

Lifespan SR-2 Squat Rack

Quality materials and construction, as well as an overall wider footprint than other squat racks mak..

Ships in 7 weeks
RRP $299.00


Lifespan SR1 Squat Rack Pre-Order

Lifespan SR1 Squat Rack

If you're after a versatile, affordable and strong barbell stand/rack, our SR-1 Squat Rack Stand i..

Ships in 6 weeks
RRP $259.00



Go Easy Online have gym equipment to cater for all your at home workout requirements at Melbourne's lowest prices. We constantly have gym equipment for sale, so be sure to check back frequently to find out what bargains are available. From the power rack station to the all in one multi gym station and even single weights for sale, you will find the exact gym equipment you are looking for. Located in Melbourne, but shipping available Australia-wide.