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Lifespan Arc Treadmill

Simplicity, flexibility and value – the Arc Treadmill speaks to a minimalist design without reducing..

RRP $429.00


Lifespan Bolt Treadmill

A pure running machine with speed up to 16km/h, making it the perfect fit for your home. Features a ..

RRP $839.00


Lifespan BOOST-R Treadmill

The Award Winning BOOST-R is a high performance machine for the achievement-oriented runner. Featuri..

RRP $1,249.00


Lifespan Corsair FreeRun 100 Curved Treadmill

Feel a more natural running style when on Corsair FreeRun 100. Experienced the natural sweep of your..

RRP $3499


Lifespan Viper Exercise Treadmill 3.75HP

Experience the cutting edge of running tech with the high-performance Viper M3. This luxe fitness ma..

RRP $2,399.00


LSG Chaser 2 Treadmill

The Chaser 2 is a value-packed treadmill ideal for a beginner runner or those making the most out of..

RRP $749.00


Reebok SL8 Treadmill

Designed with SubLite technology the Reebok SL8.0 cushions each stride to offer comfort and stabilit..

RRP $2699.00


Adidas T-19x Treadmill Pre-Order

Adidas T-19x Treadmill

Designed for progressive home cardio, the T-19x’s NRG cushioning technology minimises wear on the jo..

Ships in 8 weeks
RRP $3509.00


Lifespan APEX Treadmill

Choose the Award winning APEX Treadmill for the peak running experience. Features include the heavy-..

RRP $1,549.00


Lifespan Corsair FreeRun 200 Curved Treadmill Pre-Order

Lifespan Corsair FreeRun 200 Curved Treadmill

Experience the ultimate freedom to control your own pace and intensity with the Corsair FreeRun 200...

Ships in 5 weeks


Lifespan Everest Incline Trainer Treadmill Pre-Order

Lifespan Everest Incline Trainer Treadmill

A revolution in burning calories, the Everest from Lifespan Fitness is making strides up, and downhi..

Ships in 8 weeks
RRP $3299.00


Lifespan Marathon Commercial Treadmill Pre-Order

Lifespan Marathon Commercial Treadmill

The ultimate treadmill, the Marathon delivers a top of the range running experience with it’s robust..

Ships in 8 weeks
RRP $3,499.00


Lifespan Pursuit Treadmill with FitLink Pre-Order

Lifespan Pursuit Treadmill with FitLink

There’s plenty of room in any home for the Lifespan Fitness Pursuit treadmill, but no room for excus..

Ships in 2 weeks
RRP $789.00


Lifespan Reformer Treadmill Pre-Order

Lifespan Reformer Treadmill

The Lifespan Fitness Reformer is made to help with fitness goals big and small! The Reformer is en..

Ships in 8 weeks
RRP $899.00