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Grit Vibes Dreamer Scooter - Ice Blue/Vapour Purple Pre-Order

Grit Vibes Dreamer Scooter - Ice Blue/Vapour Purple

The All NEW 2018 Grit Vibes range is a collection of scooters to wow the girls with its female-focus..


2018 Grit Extremist Scooter Blue/Green

The Grit Extremist Complete Scooter is a great entry level scooter for young riders. This lightw..


2018 Grit Fluxx Mini Scooter Satin Blue/ Blue Silver Laser

The Fluxx Mini continues in 2018! It is everything you know and love about the Grit Fluxx Scoo..



Stay Active with Grit Pro Scooters

The easy way to get your kids out and about. So many children love hitting the pavement on a fast, safe and easy to use scooter, and with Go Easy Online, now more parents can give it to them. We offer a wide range of Grit scooters for sale to suit all ages, so now everyone can enjoy a bit of speed.

At Go Easy Online, we know that children of all ages love nothing more than getting out and about on a quality scooter, so we make it easy for every family to keep their children active. Our scooters are offered at a diverse range of prices to suit every budget. From simple models perfect for children just learning how to ride on fewer than three wheels, to more advanced scooters perfect for tricks, there’s something to suit every child. Take a look at our range today and discover why so many of Australia’s kids ride Grits from Go Easy Online

Grit Fluxx, Atom & Elite scooters

Getting the right scooter is absolutely essential to ensure the best riding experience for children. Depending on their age, their confidence, their riding ability and their physical size, you could need a radically different scooter to ensure they stay safe and have fun. To ensure that each little one has the best time from the moment they step on their bike, we offer a full range Grit scooters, taking small ones from their first two-wheel scooter all the way up to high-speed, high-dexterity models perfect for afternoons at the skate park.

Lightweight and built from durable, heat-treated alloys and provided with durable nylon-core wheels, our scooters provide the support and durability your child needs to hit the pavement in safety and confidence. Know that they’ll get years of use out their scooter – no matter which one they pick – when you shop the Madd and Grit range on Go Easy Online.

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