SALE Vuly Lift Trampoline with Shade Cover Extra Large

The Vuly Lift Trampoline is built to be our most durable trampoline in a truly affordable package. The Lift is the Vuly for every family.

Free Shade Cover – Get shelter from the sun, with plenty of open air in your trampoline. The Shade Cover adds another layer of defence against UV rays, while still allowing in welcome light.

• UV-resistant Polyethylene net: Stay safe for more bounces, with a net that's designed to last.
• True-to-life UV testing: Get a true measure of performance that only 'wet-testing' can provide.
• Fine and durable mesh: Forget entanglement or dangerous rips, with tightly-woven netting.
• Wider door opening: Enter through a zipless door that seals shut behind you.
• No spring injuries: Bounce from edge to edge; you'll land on no contact zones.
• Long-lasting tubing: Preserve against frame weakening, with twice galvanisation and heat treatment.
• Dual-layered spring system: Push higher on tiered springs that recoil based on weight and that use thicker hooks, tapered ends and chromate conversion coating to safeguard against snapping.
• Double-sided safety padding: Ensure utmost safety and UV-resistance with Bisonyl, which won't deteriorate early.
• Thick PVC pad connectors: Protect onlookers, with padding that attaches directly to the springs. Now with drainage holes.
• Free of nuts and bolts: Install by simply locking together the parts with push-buttons.
• Coil Springs: 100,000 recoils on our test machine, at 100 kg.
• Super-strong frame: Rebound on a dual-ringed steel foundation that won't bow or break.
• Saftey Net: 500 test hours for resistance to UV rays in a long term UV Accelerator
• Accredited to 150 kg: Get in on the fun. Other trampolines can only take between 80 and 115 kg.
• Jump Mat: 40,000 bounces on our test machine.
• Hours of fun games: Compete and play with games right under your feet.

SaleVuly Sale
Kids Play
SizeExtra Large
Frame width428cm
Trampoline width431cm
Safety Net height180cm
Trampoline height292cm
Mat height91cm
Mat width373cm
Coil spring count90
Maximum User Weight150kg
Packaging DimensionsBox A (1x) 87cm x 46cm x 41cm (L x W x H) Box B (1x) 80cm x 33cm x 22cm (L x W x H) Box C (1x) 114cm x 31cm x 20.5cm (L x W x H) Box D (1x) 100cm x 50cm x 21.5cm (L x W x H) Shade Cover (1x) 38cm x 38cm x 6cm (L x W x H)
Product Weight136.7kg

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All Vuly products are sold with a manufacturing warranty, which assure that the item is free of defects in workmanship and materials (“warranty”).

Vuly offers the longest and most extensive warranties in the market on all our trampoline models. We provide comprehensive after-sales service, which we believe encourages the customer to purchase a Vuly trampoline instead of those of our competitors.

Warranty periods

Warranty periods do not reset for any reason, unless the customer purchases a new product. In this case, that particular item will be covered by its own warranty period. It does not affect – nor will it increase – warranty periods for other purchased items.

This warranty is for use under normal conditions, and it applies for:


  •   - 120 months [10 years] to the Frame Tubes and Joiner Poles.
  •   - 60 months [5 years] to the Springs (excluding Leaf Springs), and Jump Mat (excluding the print).
  •   - 12 months [1 year] to all other parts of a purchased trampoline – e.g. Safety Padding, Safety Net, Net Poles, Leaf Springs.


  •   - 12 months [1 year] to purchased accessories – e.g. Mister, Deck – not received during a promotional period.
  •   - 3 months to any items received at no cost as part of a promotion – e.g. ‘Free Shade Cover’.

This warranty covers manufacturing faults and defects only.

If a product is damaged or rendered unsafe as a result of a departure from its design specifications during production, this constitutes a manufacturing fault or defect.

This may occur if – for example – use of incorrect textiles during manufacturing causes a Safety Net to disintegrate, or if improper welding produces an unstable Frame.


Damage through wear and tear

This warranty does not extend to normal wear and tear of the product. This may include, but is not limited to:

  •   - Rusting of steel components,
  •   - UV deterioration of textile components,
  •   - Stretching of springs.

Making a Warranty Claim

To fulfil a warranty claim, a customer must submit an online Warranty Claim at

Submitting the online Warranty Claim form requires the customer to provide:

  •   - Details of their purchase – including date,
  •   - Batch number,
  •   - Clear photographic evidence of the manufacturing fault or defect.

If the customer does not provide all details that the form requires, their Warranty Claim will not be assessed.

Vuly may take up to 7 days to process Warranty Claims upon a completed submission

Personal Injury

The warranty does not cover personal injury or losses due to any of the above: wear and tear, weather conditions, inappropriate installation, insufficient care or maintenance or inappropriate use, nor does it cover damage due to negligence or accidents.

As outdoor products that are actively used, trampolines and their accessories will experience wear and tear over time.

Damage through weather conditions

Damage to the product that results from weather events – such as rain or wind – are not covered under the warranty. Vuly suggests that you contact your home and contents insurer if your trampoline is damaged by such events.

Damage through improper installation

This warranty does not extend to any failure of the product caused by installation not in accordance with the Vuly Manual. Customers must assemble their Vuly product by following carefully the Installation section of their Vuly Manual.

Furthermore, the warranty does not cover installation provided by a third-party assembly service. It is the customer's responsibility to check all boxes and confirm that all components are included in the correct condition before installing.

Damage through insufficient care or maintenance

This warranty does not extend to accelerated decay of the product caused by poor care or maintenance. It is essential that customers regularly check, and follow the advice of, the Care and Maintenance sections of their Vuly Manual to ensure that their product lasts as long as possible.

Damage through inappropriate use

This warranty will be void if the product is used for any other activity besides those for which it was intended. Vuly products constitute recreational trampolines and accessories for such trampolines. They are not intended for use as professional, gymnastics trampolines, springboards, etc.

Any evidence that inappropriate actions that have led to product failure will not be covered by the warranty. Similarly, replacement parts or repairs needed to mend such damage will not be covered under the warranty.

10 year warranty
Frame Tubes
and Joiners
5 year warranty
Jump Mat
(excluding print)
1 year warranty
Safety Net, Net Poles,
Skirt and Leaf Springs

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VISA, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal and GoEasy Gift cards.


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