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Adidas T-19x Treadmill

Designed for progressive home cardio, the T-19x’s NRG cushioning technology minimises wear on the jo..

RRP $3499.00


Lifespan Arc Treadmill

Simplicity, flexibility and value – the Arc Treadmill speaks to a minimalist design without reducing..

RRP $429.00


Lifespan Bolt Treadmill

Pump up your fitness routine with the new Lifespan Bolt Treadmill. Functionality and performance is ..

RRP $789.00


Lifespan Ergo Standing Desk

A versatile, multi-function workstation, Ergo Standing Desk can be used at home or at the office. Be..

RRP $399.00


Lifespan Pursuit Treadmill with FitLink

There’s plenty of room in any home for the Lifespan Fitness Pursuit treadmill, but no room for excus..

RRP $789.00


LSG Chaser 2 Treadmill

The Chaser 2 is a value-packed treadmill ideal for a beginner runner or those making the most out of..

RRP $749.00


LSG Focus M2 Treadmill

Increase the intensity of your workout and reach your fitness goals faster by adding up to 15 levels..

RRP $999.00


Reebok SL8 Treadmill

Designed with SubLite technology the Reebok SL8.0 cushions each stride to offer comfort and stabilit..


Lifespan WalkingPad® Treadmill

Walk right into the ultimate at home workout with the WalkingPad™ M1. With a sleek and compact desig..

RRP $3,499.00


Lifespan APEX Treadmill Pre-Order

Lifespan APEX Treadmill

Choose the Award winning APEX Treadmill for the peak running experience. Features include the heavy-..

Ships in 6 weeks
RRP $1,549.00


Lifespan BOOST-R Treadmill Pre-Order

Lifespan BOOST-R Treadmill

The Award Winning BOOST-R is a high performance machine for the achievement-oriented runner. Featuri..

Ships in 6 weeks
RRP $1,249.00


Lifespan Corsair FreeRun 100 Curved Treadmill Pre-Order

Lifespan Corsair FreeRun 100 Curved Treadmill

Feel a more natural running style when on Corsair FreeRun 100. Experienced the natural sweep of your..

Ships in 6 weeks


Lifespan Corsair FreeRun 200 Curved Treadmill Pre-Order

Lifespan Corsair FreeRun 200 Curved Treadmill

Experience the ultimate freedom to control your own pace and intensity with the Corsair FreeRun 200...

Ships in 1 week


Lifespan Everest Incline Trainer Treadmill Pre-Order

Lifespan Everest Incline Trainer Treadmill

A revolution in burning calories, the Everest from Lifespan Fitness is making strides up, and downhi..

RRP $3299.00



Buy Treadmill Online

Buy a Treadmill Online to Receive the Home Workout Tool You Deserve

When you buy a treadmill online, you want to know that you’re getting value for money. At GoEasy Online, we offer that and more. All the items we sell are quality products that come with warranties and our support if needs be. We aim to build long-lasting relationships with all our customers no matter the size of their demands and that includes you.

Benefits of Buying a Treadmill Though Online Shopping

There are many advantages to buying a treadmill online; you can save time and money by comfortably selecting the item you want then having it delivered to your location. This convenience is what we offer to all our customers. Here are even more benefits to shopping online.

  • Convenience: These days you can do so much more with your computer, and that includes shopping. By shopping online, you can do it anywhere, find your ideal treadmill from home or on a break at work. No longer will you have to spend hours driving around to find the best prices, just come straight to us.
  • Have all the options in front of you: It can be frustrating and time-consuming to find all the possibilities physically; that's why you go to GoEasy Online. When you shop online with us, you have all the options and information right in front of you, and if you have any questions, our team is on standby to assist.

Problems That Occur When Shopping for an Electric Treadmill Online

If you want to buy an electric treadmill, you want to know what you’re getting works for you. Some encounter problems when they purchase a treadmill without considering all the details first. We would like to prevent this as much as possible which is why we have a full list of information with all our products so that you have all the facts enabling you to make an educated decision to your benefit. Below are more problems people encounter when trying to find the treadmill they want.

  • Work treadmills vs exercise treadmill: Did you know that you can get a treadmill for your work? These are called walk-stations, and they help those who work better when being physically active if you want something to help you train for your next marathon then its best that you go with our regular exercise treadmills.
  • Space and location: Many people want a treadmill, but most don’t realise the space that it takes up. We recommend that you place your treadmill somewhere that has a few additional benefits. For example, you can even put it in the lounge so that you can do your daily cardio and watch the news at the same time. Find a spot in your home that works for you and your treadmill, don't let your new home gym equipment become an inconvenience.

Contact us today, and we will help you acquire the treadmill of your dreams.