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Backyard Discovery Skyfort II Play Centre

From dragon battles to tea parties, the Skyfort II will elevate your children’s imaginations and you..

RRP $3,499.00


Backyard Discovery Spring Cottage

The spacious Spring Cottage playhouse by Backyard Discovery will set your backyard apart from all ot..

RRP $1,299.00


Backyard Discovery Tanglewood Play Centre

A play centre for all! Backyard Discovery Tanglewood Play Centre brings fun to last for years a..


Lifespan Hamilton Cubby House

Kids can now play in a farm house with a life-like experience! Introducing Lifespan Hamilton Cubby h..

RRP $2,799.00


Lifespan Wallaby 2 Cubby House with Green Slide

Youngsters will have fond memories of their first home with the Wallaby 2 Cubby House and Slide. Rea..

RRP $999.00


Lifespan Warrigal Cubby House Pergola Extension

A perfect pair for the Warrigal Cubby House is the Pergola Extension to make more room for a more fu..

RRP $699.00


Starplay Galilee Village House

There is no doubt kids love to spend time for a pretend play around a playhouse, but kids would love..

RRP $299.00


Starplay Magical House

Turn the day into a magical play with Starplay Magical House. It's a colourful play house that's per..



TP Deluxe Meadow Cottage Cubby House

The TP Deluxe Meadow Cottage features a beautiful wooden playhouse with veranda and outdoor kitchen,..

RRP $649.00


TP Loft House Cubby House

A beautiful 2 storey playhouse with cosy downstairs play room, an internal access ladder and spaciou..

RRP $1,799.00


Backyard Discovery Aspen Cubby House

Brilliantly designed with 100% all natural cedar wood. Decorative white gable triangles, white windo..

RRP $649.00


Lifespan Wombat V2 Playhouse

Step into a fairy-tale world of imagination with the Wombat Playhouse. The vibrant colourful design ..

RRP $349.00


Starplay Galilee Village House Pink

There is no doubt kids love to spend time for a pretend play around a playhouse, but kids would love..

RRP $299.00


Starplay Unicorn Magical House

Starplay Unicorn Magical House is a dreamy, magical, purple play house that has a lovely unicorn des..

RRP $169.00


Backyard Discovery Monticello Play Centre Pre-Order

Backyard Discovery Monticello Play Centre

Kids will launch all their backyard fun from the Monticello Play Centre. Your little ones will never..

Ships in November
RRP $1799.00



Playful Cubby Houses For Kids of All Ages

There’s nothing better for letting their imagination run wild. Go Easy Online offers a fantastic range of cubby houses that are perfect for children of all ages. Made from quality materials, they’re designed to offer something for every little one.

We want every child to grow up having the experience of building their own imaginary world and sharing afternoons in the sun with friends in a beautiful cubby, so we offer our products at a diverse range of prices. Whether you’ve got one child and are looking for cheap cubby houses to keep them occupied, or you have two or three little ones and need something larger, we’ve got something to suit every size of family and budget. Browse our catalogue today and discover the perfect thing for your children.

Give your child a place to play in our cubby houses

At Go Easy Online, we know what parents are looking for. Alongside our monkey bars and swing sets, all of the cubby houses for sale through our website have been specifically designed to offer maximum fun and safety to children of all ages.

Built with heat-treated timber that’s resistant to rot and insect damage and provided with plastic windows, they’re a durable and reliable option that will be with your children all the way through childhood. A variety of different configurations are available from basic single door houses to raised models with slides, ladders and sandpits, offering even more ways to have fun. Help your child get the most out of their early years with help from Go Easy Online. 

Contact our Melbourne showroom

Make the right choice for your little one and order from the Go Easy Online range of cubby houses. Not sure which one is right for you? Get in touch with the team at our Melbourne location on 1300 766 469 or send us a message through our support centre and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.