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Lifespan Cortex FT10 Cable Crossover Station

All your upper body needs, from isolated to endurance exercises, the FT10 is ideal for all types of ..

RRP $1799.00


Lifespan CORTEX GS7 Multi Station Multi-Function Home Gym with Power Tower & Squat Press

FEATURES: *60+ Exercises for a full body workout *Lat Pulldown Bar, Curl Bar, Tricep Rope, Single ..

RRP $1,999.00


Lifespan CORTEX LP-10 45 Degree Leg Press/Hack Squat Combo

For those serious about leg day the LP10 45 Degree Leg Press and Hack Squat is sure to provide a tou..

RRP $2299


LSG GRK200 10-in-1 Home Gym Station, Power Rack, Smith Machine and Cable Crossover

Everything you need and more for the perfect strength training routine right in your own home. The G..

RRP $2,699.00


LSG GRK200 10-in-1 Home Gym Station, Power Rack, Smith Machine and Cable Crossover + 90kg Standard Weight Plate Set

-Multifunctional 10-in-1 Home Gym Station featuring:Power Rack Smith Machine Chest Fly Cable Cros..



Lifespan CORTEX SR3 Squat Rack

Push your limits with the SR-3 Squat Rack. Quality materials and construction, as well as an overall..

RRP $479


Lifespan Cortex SR3 Squat Rack with 100kg Olympic Bumper Weight + BN-9 Bench + Barbell Package

Enhance your workouts with our CORTEX SR-3 Squat Rack 100kg Olympic Bumper Weight + BN-9 Bench + Bar..

RRP $1899.00


Lifespan Cortex SR3 Squat Rack with 90kg Tri-Grip Weights + BN-9 Bench + Multi-Bar Package

Elevate your home workouts with the CORTEX SR3 Squat Rack Kit, a comprehensive home gym solution. Th..

RRP $1599.00


45-Degree Hyperextension Bench

The 45-Degree Hyperextension Bench is a gym-quality bench that features two powerful exercises in on..


Adjustable Bench Press

Here's a home fitness product that is guaranteed to raise your game when it comes to getting a terri..


Commercial Squat Rack Adjustable Pair Fitness Exercise Weight Lifting Gym Barbell Stand

For athletes in training or fitness enthusiasts, squats and deadlifts are an important part of weigh..


CORTEX SM-20 6-in-1 Power Rack with Smith & Cable Machine

Gear up for the ultimate strength workout on the SM-20 Multi Rack, featuring an all-in-one Half Rack..

RRP $1,999.00


CORTEX SR-10 Portable Squat Rack Stands

Support big lifts in your home gym with the new and improved Cortex SR-10 Squat Rack. Padded Barbell..

RRP $349



Go Easy Online have gym equipment to cater for all your at home workout requirements at Melbourne's lowest prices. We constantly have gym equipment for sale, so be sure to check back frequently to find out what bargains are available. From the power rack station to the all in one multi gym station and even single weights for sale, you will find the exact gym equipment you are looking for. Located in Melbourne, but shipping available Australia-wide.