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Keezi Boat Sand Pit

Enjoy our Keezi Boat Sand Pit any sunny time and get a promise of hours of outdoor fun with an am..


Keezi Boat Sand Pit With Canopy

Enjoy our Keezi Boat Canopy Sand Pit any sunny time and get a promise of hours of outdoor fun ..


Keezi Boat-shaped Canopy Sand Pit

Enjoy our Keezi Boat-Shaped Canopy Sand Pit any sunny time and get a promise of hours of outdo..


Keezi Boat-Shaped Sand Pit

Enjoy our Keezi Boat-Shaped Sand Pit any sunny time and get a promise of hours of outdoor fun ..


Keezi Fir Wood Canopy Outdoor Sand Box Set Sand Pit - Natural Wood

Turn your kid's imagination into reality by bringing in the beach to your own backyard with Keezi..


Keezi Outdoor Canopy Sand Pit with Dual Water Bins

Play under the sun with water and sand! Yes it's sand plus water with our Keezi Outdoor Canopy..


Keezi Square Sand Pit - Natural Wood

Is it summer yet? Keezi Square Sand Pit is calling all kids to jump in and plunge into a fun s..


Keezi Wooden Outdoor Canopy Sand Box Set Sand Pit- Natural Wood

Ideal for a fun Outdoor sand play and activities, is the Keezi Canopy Sand Pit made of qualit..


Kidkraft Kids Pirate Sandbox

Kidkraft Pirate Sandboat is sure hit for kids who love outdoor play. Keep them in swashbuckler chara..


Lifespan Admiral Play Boat

Quickly assemble the ideal location for the kid’s roleplaying journey through rough seas and waves w..

RRP $299.00


Lifespan Boat Sandpit

Lifespan Boat SandpitFeatures: • Premium FSC Certified Timber with rounded corners for added sa..

RRP $189.00


Lifespan Captain Sandpit

Arr me hearties! Your little one is in command of this vessel: The Captain Sandpit. They can take co..

RRP $249.00


Lifespan Explorer Sandpit

It's a wild world out there. Your kids will have a blast making discoveries at the helm of the b..

RRP $249.00


Lifespan Jack Sandpit with Canopy on Wheels

Lifespan Jack Sandpit with Canopy on WheelsSpacious Play-deckNeed an area just for the kids? Our Jac..

RRP $349.00


Lifespan Joey Sandpit with Canopy

Fun under the sun! Joey Sandpit with Canopy is not letting the sun stop fun outdoor plays. With adju..

RRP $199.00



Children’s Sandpit

We Have Many Children’s Sandpit Designs Available at GoEasy Online

We have been in operation since 1996, and are family owned, which enables us to deliver a personalised service to every parent or client wanting that something a little different when it comes to a children’s sandpit.

Common Mistakes People Make When They Buy a Sandpit Online

There are many common mistakes people make when it comes to shopping online. Every parent knows the importance of getting children’s playthings right, and there are many factors that you need to consider when choosing the right sandpit for your child’s needs.

  • Safety: Considering safety is the most critical factor. Why not visit GoEasy Online for assistance in making the right choice?
  • Size: The right shape and size for your child is important, and there are so many to choose from, whether it’s a wooden sandpit with a lid or a sandpit with a canopy.
  • Space: Before making your final decision, ensure you have enough space in your garden for your desired sandpit.

Why not buy a sandpit online to make sure your child is a happy child?

Tips for Getting More Value out of a Wooden Sandpit with a Lid

To get more value out of your quality product, you need to consider many factors.

  • Quality: Apart from ensuring that your chosen item is age-appropriate, be sure to purchase something that will stand the test of time.
  • Price: You ought to keep your budget in mind; however, the cheapest sandpit won’t necessarily offer you the longevity or safety your kid deserves.
  • Lid: Ensuring that the lid is a snug fit to prevent cats and other pets from playing in the sand meant for your children.
  • Protection: Most of our sandpits come in various fun shapes and sizes; make sure your kids love the selected item and while you’re browsing, take a sneak peek at our variety with canopies to protect vulnerable skin from the damage the sun can cause.

Why You Should Use GoEasy Online

You should use GoEasy Online for all our other products too because we have a substantial selection of products and benefits on offer.

  • We offer you a very affordable 90-day layby option which makes life much more convenient for you.
  • We have Oxipay available online and in our showroom.
  • Buy your sandpit online and enjoy the security of our warranty policy so that you won’t be stuck with a product that doesn’t satisfy you 100%.
  • Remember our Dead-on-Arrival offer – which simply means that if the product is not in working order, you can return it within 14 days.
  • Fast and secure overnight shipping and delivery all over Australia.
  • One stop shop for all your children’s toys as well as adult fitness products – online or in our showroom.
  • We stock spare parts on all our products.
  • Our other services include a 12-month warranty for all GMX Motorbikes with a three-month part replacement, which does not cover wear and tear on parts.

Contact us now, and we will assist you with our 22 years of exceptional customer service. We have fantastic testimonials and recommendations, and we ensure that both you and your child will be 100% satisfied and enjoy playing outside.