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Backyard Discovery Prairie Ridge Play Centre

Bring adventure to the backyard with the Prairie Ridge Play Centre. Soar above rolling green hills w..

RRP $1499.00


Backyard Discovery Scenic Heights Cubby House

Backyard Discovery Scenic Heights Cubby House is here to fulfill kids playhouse imagination and give..

RRP $1299.00


Backyard Discovery Scenic Heights Cubby House with 1.8m Slide

Every kid's cubby is their castle, and there's plenty to love about the Scenic Heights Cubby House. ..

RRP $1,368.00


Backyard Discovery Skyfort II Play Centre

From dragon battles to tea parties, the Skyfort II will elevate your children’s imaginations and you..

RRP $3,499.00


Junior Jungle Flying Fox Module

Junior Jungle Flying Fox Module is designed to make kids laugh their way through a fun breeze. Swing..

RRP $699.00


Junior Jungle Monkey Bar Module

A fun way for kids to enjoy the outdoors is the Junior Jungle Monkey Bar Module. Climbing up and dow..

RRP $699.00


Junior Jungle Monsoon

Junior Jungle Monsoon is here to provide kids a great way to keep them active outdoors. With steel b..

RRP $1,048.00


Junior Jungle Tarzan

Up up and away! Kids come and play with this Junior Jungle Tarzan steel monkey bars that also i..

RRP $1,398.00


Kidkraft Kids Cranbrook Wooden Play Set

Kidkraft Cranbrook Swing Set is an all in one play set to cater kids hunger for fun! Let kids explor..


Kidkraft Kids Windale Play Set

Kidkraft Windale Wooden Playset is a compact play centre that kids can be joyful of with its multi-l..


Lifespan Bobcat Foldable Baby Swing Set

Strap in the little one for a fun and safe swing on the Lifespan Kids Bobcat Foldable Baby Swing Set..

RRP $89.00


Lifespan Cellar Metal Nest Swing Set

An ideal addition to your child's outdoor play area, the Lifespan Kids Cellar Metal Nest Swi..

RRP $199.00


Lifespan Hurley 2 Metal Swing Set

Entertain the rabble on the Hurley Metal Swing Set, with fun for up to four kids. In any bac..

RRP $189.00


Lifespan Oakley Swing Set with 1.2m Spidey Web Swing

A swing set that’s perfect for outdoor fun with a thrill of a spidey web swing to enjoy for kids ..

RRP $539.00


Lifespan Oakley Swing Set with 1m Spidey Web Swing

A swing set that’s perfect for outdoor fun with a thrill of a spidey web swing to enjoy for kids ..

RRP $499.00



Kids Swing Sets

Give Your Children Hours of Fun on One of Our Kids Swing Sets

For a child, there is nothing better than gliding back and forth on kids swing sets. The swing sets at Go Easy Online are safe for children of all ages and promise to bring a smile to their face during playtime.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of a Swing for a Kid You Buy Online

If you are thinking about buying a swing for a kid online, here are some aspects to consider to get more out of your purchase:

  • Invite your child’s friends over: Is your child begging to have their friends over for a fun day outside? When you buy one of our swing sets online, you can rest assured that your kid and their friends will be entertained.
  • Consider an upgrade: If you are interested in giving your child something bigger to play on, you should think about purchasing one of our play centres. These options bring playing to a new level by incorporating not only a swing set but a slide, climbing wall and small tree house, depending on which one you choose.
  • Keep them away from trees: When you place a swing set near trees, you run the risk of damage if a branch falls on it. Try to keep the set in an open area that is easily assessable to avoid any harm to the structure or injury to your child.

What Sets Go Easy Online Apart When You Buy a Kids Swing from Our Company

Our team strive to go the extra mile for all our customers, with the understanding that the products that we sell are meant to provide you with a great experience. We set ourselves apart in the following ways:

  • A family-owned business: We believe that being a family-owned company gives us a unique advantage in the industry. This fact helps us provide you with options for swing sets, bikes and other sporting goods that are sure to please everyone in your house.
  • Flexible payment options: Budget always plays a key role when choosing the right swing set. We have made it easier to finance your purchase by partnering with Oxipay. By opting to use Oxipay, you can make smaller payments over a set period of weeks.
  • Warranties: All our products come with specific manufacturer warranties. A member of our team can explain to you the terms of the warranty on the item you buy if you have any concerns.

Why You Should Buy Swing Sets Online

The Go Easy Online team is proud to offer you a fantastic selection of kids swing sets online. We know that you have a busy schedule, which is why our website gives you an easy way to order a set that any child is sure to love. Do you want to see one of your options in person? No problem! Our two-level showroom displays nearly 90% of the products we have online, so feel free to come down for a hands-on experience.

For more information about our kids swing sets, send us a message. A member of our staff is always happy to help you.